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Episode 2.4 “Land Lover”

Hey guys, confession: when I was growing up I struggled with motion sickness. Travelling in a car for long distances made me sick as well as boats, in fact I got sea sick especially easily on ferries and fishing boats. My first time on a helicopter as an adult I had cold sweats while holding a camera attempting to capture aerial video. It was horrible. Amazingly my first time on a yacht was the opposite no sea sickness at all. The first time I ever boarded a mega-luxury yacht was at a real estate development called Christophe Harbour. It was amazing — the technology, the attention to every detail, the crew; everything was absolutely fantastic.

Lately CH had their annual Crew Fest and many mega yachts docked at the Marina. So once again I received the opportunity to shoot these beautiful works of floating art and engineering. Take a look at some of the shots below.



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