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Episode 2.0 “Shots Fired at a BMW”

While growing up my favourite super hero was the Flash. I loved watching Sonic the Hedgehog so much so that my first email address was (I feel that’s a jump above the that was available). Yes, I’ve always had a fascination and an affinity with things that move really fast. So umm fast forward and this guy gets his license, and well I’ve been a fan of the gas pedal ever since. Gas pedals are connected to automobiles, so like 80% of all guys everywhere - I’m a fan of cars. I’m also a huge fan of automobile photographers. Crafting a good car image is something I’ve never had the chance to do until now.

I went with a slightly different style for these images. One of the images I was really excited about didn’t turn out the way I wanted, it hurt my heart but I had to let that one stay in the bin of the forgotten. Big shout out to one of my brothers, Cheeks, for giving us his time and his vehicle to shoot. He’s really the best.

Hope you guys like ‘em. Feel free to comment on your favourite car in the comments — we would love to know. For 2018 we wanna shoot more blog related material and would love to know what you guys would like to see, so comment below for us to put it on the schedule for next year.

Thanks guys Peace.



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