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Episode 2.9 Style & Grace

Full disclosure - this young lady just happens to be my cousin. She came to me a few months back and said "Steve, I wanna be a model and I wanna be the face of a company or brand". Impressed by her bravery to make such a bold career choice I immediately knew I wanted to do everything I could to encourage and assist her in breaking into this market. Who's a good cousin?

I said let's do this Grace, I'm gonna help you build your portfolio. Just like that the team was on its way to creating imagery that would showcase her versatility as a fresh face on the scene.

We wanted a bunch of looks that would make it seem as though she'd accumulated the images over a period of time. Each look had to be accompanied by a separate feeling, varying effects and of course wardrobe changes - because fashion! Let me tell you no one does style quite like my cousin Grace. She kept the team thoroughly entertained by her ability to bring each outfit to life.

Check her out and if you just happen to be on the hunt for a brand ambassador then hit her up. Tell her that her big cuzzo Stephen sent ya ;-)


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