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Episode 1.2 “Beach Slapped”


I love beaches.

I love the sand (that ends up in the car mat); the sun on my face, the salt water in my clothes. A day at the beach is good for the soul, and a chance to clean the car.

So it’s #MysteriousMonday and the team (Kisheen, Shara and myself) head out on an absolutely perfect afternoon to shoot one of my best friends, Nick, in the face and the back with painless camera clicks and bursts of strobing light. Nick is a super talented Soca performing artist here in St Kitts. So armed with his trusty guitar and his strange sense of humour we set out to have a great time.

Shara had a shotlist, and if I don’t say she chose the location then I may never hear the end of it, I had just one ocean shot that I had to have. So here we are at Christophe Harbours’ beautiful Pavilion Restaurant on the shores of Sandy Bank bay burning in the 4 o’clock sun all for the love of Photography.

I swear there are good days when one good shot leads to another and another; then it becomes a rhythm and we’re all just laughing and having a good time and coming up with new ideas on the fly (I crave these days). Nick was awesome and one of the easiest people in the world to work with. We got really wet for some of these shots (pun intended). At the end we also got bitten by some vampires, I mean mosquitoes. #commitment

Oh yeah, when Nick goes on to be a huge superstar, just letting you guys know that his career started with us being a singing duo in highschool, who eventually became a quartet before he went solo. So I’ll be taking my 5% finders fee. Onesyde!!!!! (and the crowd goes wild).


This is the Shot i had to have



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