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Episode 3.1illusions

This project is what happens when we think visually first and then fill in the story after. We did this short film for the Leo's club poetry competition. They needed an abstract film that the participants (high schoolers) could draw inspiration from for a piece of poetry.

What we tried to do is start with the aesthetics first and build a narrative that's open ended enough that different interpretations could be made yet simple enough that anyone could get a general picture of a storyline. So in other words we shot for the stratosphere without drifting into outer space.

We shot this on a super hot Saturday in the summer; needless to say that came with its own set of challenges: hot sun, sand and no shortage of sweat. Loved working with Suelika and Teshan and I think they were the perfect choice for this project. It's not everyone that can roll with it when you yell, "Hey go play with those leaves over there, and look really sad about it" so yeah we were super thrilled about that. Major thanks to Shara-Lee for organising it all and keeping us on schedule. This was another barebones crew job (that's code for charity work - The Torch loves the kids!) and I think Shara is really coming into her own as a camera operator. If you've watch our Ask the Camera Guy series you've already seen her editing skills at work too. I'm sure you're as excited as I am. If not then you should be.

Take a look and make sure to tell us what this inspires you to think about and what the story means to you.

As usual Guys 'peace, no gang signs'


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