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Episode 3.4 Special Delivery

It has long since been my dream to get Torch photos on walls across the island particularly at that one place named after Robert Llewellyn Bradshaw (no, seriously if you know who we need to call about that, hit us up). Imagine if visitors could see how gorgeous our island is upon arrival and travellers could be reminded of all the reasons they need to return upon departure.

That being said, I was thrilled when we got the chance to adorn the walls of Hamilton Chambers in 2016 and even more ecstatic when they called us in to finish the job a few weeks ago. We sent them a few images to choose from to get the ball rolling and they selected the ones that fit best with their local landmark theme but they also wanted a capture of the Anglican Church to complete their collection. Stephen being the client-pleaser that he is put on his big boy lens and set out to get just that. To say he was successful on this mission would be the great understatement of 2018, the image he brought back ended up being my favourite of the lot.

[Shameless plug ahead] The same can be done for you over there (yes you) staring at that empty slab of wall wondering how to bring it to life for the new year. We totally got you. Choose from any of our photos and we'll blow them up, frame them and deliver them to your door. Who said life had to be difficult? Tell them Blue Torch Productions will make a liar of them every time!

Here's the collection we did for the Hamiltons, we'd say they nailed the selection process - wouldn't you? :-)


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