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Episode 2.7 "Love in Black and White"

I love colour. There’s so much that gets communicated with the vibrance and the combination of different shades and colours. This is most evident at a wedding. Brides and wedding planners sometimes spend months planning the colour palette of the wedding. The suits, dresses, bouquets, decorations, and sometimes even the venue has to compliment the colour scheme.

Weirdly enough though cameras don’t see the world in colour, cameras see and estimate light in shades of grey between absolute white and absolute black. Then it renders these through a filter that then estimates the colour values and renders the image: colour after the fact. Before this filter cameras of old only did the first part: render the differences in light/tones of the subject matter which is why we see black and white images as classic in feel and vibe.

There is something emotionally weighty about seeing a black and white moment captured in digital history. Maybe it's the lack of colour to distract from the mood and atmosphere. The last wedding we shot had its ceremony at the beautiful Roman Catholic Co-Cathedral. Mega congrats to Vincent and Lucy they were awesome. Super Congrats to them and their lively family- twas a pleasure. Take a look guys.

P.S. the couple got these in colour.



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