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Episode 3.3 Weddings of Friends

You know what’s a little more nerve-racking than one would think? Doing a good friend's wedding. I swear that the further along Blue Torch Productions gets and the more photo shoots we do the higher the likelihood that I'd meet friends along the way and those friends would become clients. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is a great thing in fact it’s downright awesome. As a photographer though it sort of racks up the nerves because I refuse to let my friends down. So here comes the bigger setups and the bright ideas.

Cindy is hands down one of my favorite people on the planet. She is kind, thoughtful and just a beautiful spirit. So you know, I wanted her images to be personal and natural. So one beautifully blue summer afternoon Shajuneé, Arlon and I went out to shoot a wedding where the mood was warmer than the temperature.

Was really happy to have Shajuneé as a second shooter, really allowed me to focus on the bride.

I loved the African take on the bridal wear and the fact that everyone was on time and super happy. We ended up going a bit bigger on the bridal shot than normal simply because I just wanted to do something grandiose. So in came the rock idea and the multiple levels in efforts to make the shot really dynamic and less stand in a line ordinary. Took a bit of will power and some heavy strobes and modifiers but I think we did pretty ok with the back light from the sun. Again just can't let my friend down or her amazing team of awesome bridesmaids [Jihan, Nadia (hearts) and Seba].

Overall, I think the team and I really did have a great time and the people there couldn't be more friendly and welcoming. An amazing day filled with great memories.

Hope you guys enjoy these images of the wedding as much as we enjoyed taking them.



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