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Episode 3.5 Dancers On Set

The most refreshing thing about working with dancers is seeing them completely transform whatever environment they find themselves in. The situation was no different when we got the opportunity to shoot these three incredibly talented and spirited (unintentional rhyme) dancers. From the minute they entered the studio they spread the contents of their costume/make-up bags across the front of the room, hooked up their portable sound system and got ready for their closeups to the beat of their favourite top model-channelling tunes. How does one maintain an I-may-have-woken-up-to-early slump amidst such good energy? The answer to that is one does not. In no time we were all feeling the groove and geared up for a game changing shoot.

We started with some fiery-eyed headshots but the real fun began once we got to the full body action shots. The support they had for each other on set was truly uplifting and made our other shoots for the day seem a tad dull in comparison but that's what you get when you fill a room with people so passionate about their craft. Each dancer possessed a movement quality of her own, which made for one of the most dynamic shoots we've done for 2018.

In the end it was one of those shoots where choosing the best from a proof sheet was near impossible and I'm glad it wasn't my responsibility to bear (phew).

To Carèsse, Connie and Tiffany - thank you for letting us capture your power, style and grace.

Here are just a few of our favs from their favs.



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