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Episode 2.6 "Mood Makers"

Music Videos are awesome!! When I was in high school my favourite channels hands down were BET and VH1. In those days the videos were highly saturated with amazing locations and showcased more of the artist and the feeling of their music through storylines. I really loved those videos and I think being in the director's chair for this project made me want to bring back that kinda feel. I'm talking about the 90s and early 2000s by the way. By 2008/09 the landscape had changed a lot - by then the abstract video (random visuals, artsy video treatment) and the cinematic dark look started to emerge as the standard.

My personal passion is in visual story telling using light, composition and simple movements - I enjoy making a mood. It was great to be able to join with Marsha in producing this music video for the very talented Ebuka. We wanted to keep things simple and easy to understand yet pace it so that the video feels like it's always moving and interesting.

With this video we wanted to create a simple story of the artist doing kind deeds for strangers he meets on his way to deal with his own problems. We had two days to get all the scenes on the shotlist shot and put in the can. So with an already tight schedule when our first shoot at Caribelle got rained out on day one, all the outdoor shots had to be rescheduled to the already packed second day. We had a few rays of light at the end of the first afternoon so Marsha called one of the dancers Last Minute to come to a secondary location in Basseterre to shoot her choreography and some fun shots with Ebuka.

Thank God the second day was bright and blue so we did all the external material back to back. 4 locations in 9 hours. Special thanks to Shara-Lee who was just amazing on set. Marsh has the best energy ever and is the most resourceful person I know. Ebuka is an amazing singer and an even better person, working with him was the easiest process ever. Special thanks to the dancers who did their own choreo. Toni, Dimpy and Nicky - you guys were great.

Take a look at what we came up with and look out for Ebuka - I really think he's going places.


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