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Episode 2.1 Holly Jolly Photography

Twinkly lights, a warm smiling face and a wee bit of extravagance (we spent $75 on a snow globe yawl) can only mean one thing at the BTP camp — it’s Christmas! Also known as everyone’s favourite time of year (whether they care to admit it or not). For all you closeted Christmas lovers posing as Scrooges out there, here’s a virtual hug.

It must take monastic restraint to resist the call to jingle bells, the urge to serenade a Christmas tree, the right to deck the halls - - ok, ok, moving on. As a person who starts playing the magical soundtrack of the holidays long before it is acceptable to do so, I was thrilled to get in on some BTP Christmas photo action no matter how busy the season got.

First item on the checklist was to find a talent who could emanate all the enchantment of the holidays with just a gaze. A tall task I know, but the overzealous photography team wants what the overzealous photography team wants. Luckily one of our favourite models in all of model land was planning a timely trip home from school this year.

After a WhatsApp message, a few prop purchases and some clumsy light-stringing by an intensely distracting non elf-like person who shall neither be mentioned or compensated (*cough* Krystal), we were able to get Aldeen in front of the camera and she delivered and delivered and delivered.

The next day when I saw the proof sheet of the already stunning, unedited shots I quickly opted to not be the one that had to choose only five out of dozens of images that could easily sell Christmas to the Grinch. The task fell upon someone who also found it impossible but somehow managed to narrow down the wealth of options (Stephen-powers activate!). So now thanks to him, we are able to present “Christmas in Seven”.

Have the merriest! *jingles bells*



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