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Episode 1.4 “The Bigger They Are…”

So, we’re out in the heart of the rain forest. The team is four strong: Shara, Shajuneé, Kisheen and myself. We’ve set the lights, scouted the locale, had lunch (but umm not in that order) and are ready to shoot Cindy De Suza. Cindy at the time was pregnant with her second baby boy Sundjata and we were there to pull off a jungle themed maternity shoot. Cindy brought her own two woman support team and we were off to the deep forest to make some magic.

I must admit there is a level of superhuman strength necessary to carry another human inside of you. I swear it's only when we head out to capture and create maternity images that I really stop and notice how much it must take to deal with not only the weight but all the changes… life.

So yea the shoot is going really well, we are moving on to our third sequence/setup, perspiring like crazy (it was hot). Of course while making sure our subject is as cool as can be (support team were on point, fanning, mopping).

In the midst of setting up the third sequence, which was in a grassy area with some beads of light coming through the trees; I found that I had forgotten a trigger behind in my camera bag about 30 seconds from where we were. So like a super hero I announced that I was gonna save the day and head back to retrieve the unit. Camera in hand, I took off and with 6 pairs of female eyes on me I hopped and skipped away like a jungle man. I must’ve gotten 14 paces away before my right foot got caught in a root and I fell forward like a sack of potatoes (accurate description btw).

I landed on my hands, but what was in my hands? That's right, my camera.

Completely embarrassed, and worried that in my hubris I destroyed my favourite camera. I jumped up and tried to keep it moving. As I struggled, I yelled “I’m ok!!!” while hearing mild chuckles behind me. Luckily only my pride was hurt, well my pride and my hip, a little. The camera was fine "Thank the lucky stars"

These things happen; I guess the lesson: God needs laughter too or maybe it’s safety first. I'm not sure.

Hope you guys like the pics, and if you guys wanna know my hip healed up nicely

Peace out



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