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Episode 1.8 “ The Ride”

Just realized that the vast majority of jobs that we do at Blue Torch never get seen by you guys and that’s a little unfair. This is one such photo session. We were contracted to do an afternoon shoot about biking in St. Kitts for a British magazine. At first I didn’t really know what to expect. I mean it’s not everyday you get a job to take photos of bikers.

Initially I was gonna approach this in a high production kinda way with lights and diffusers but God Dang!! The day was so pretty that on the spot I decided to just go with natural light. Good old unpredictable sunshine decided to stay pretty consistent, which was great. The bikers were actually riding in all of the photos and I really felt like their smiles were genuine.

The client ended up only using like 2 shots for their magazine story featuring one of our nation’s cyclists. Kinda sad because we took over 300 images and had prepared 40 shots for the story. Normally I’m fine with that but I really think we went to great lengths to tell a story with this sequence so instead of letting the photos slip into obscurity, let’s just post them.

All the shots were taken on the South East Peninsula Road. I really liked working with Winston Crooke and his team of cyclist, they were real troopers. What I loved about this shoot was the mix of energetic and scenic captures. And even with the sun being hot, as usual, I really felt that the team went out and successfully captured the riders in the paradise we call home.



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