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Episode 1.1 “Ramblings of Incoherence”

Well here’s the very first blog post! (I’m actually being forced to sit in a quiet room, absent my cellphone and write this against my will. (Send help!)

Life is amazing! I live in a super beautiful place: Forests, Beaches, Mountains and absolutely beautiful people! I’m a huge fan of Impressionistic paintings, super hard rock music, slam poetry and culinary art (also eating, yep love me some eating). So, my name is Stephen, my friends call me Stephen, a photographer and Cinematographer (fancy word for people crazy enough to make videos professionally). As a photographer my job is to capture the full spectrum of the creative forces of the universe (Wow! I’m really good at this).

Basically, I love my job… for the most part.

I think since the dawn of time, humans have communicated through stories; stories that surpass the restraints of space and time. Stories tell us about our past, our present and shape or future. My dream is to shape the world with the stories I share.

I want tell stories that make you think and appreciate the world around us.

Does the cool crisp breeze caress your skin while you look at this photo? Can you see good in this character even when the story labels them the bad guy?

Some say “Every image or film can’t contain deeper meaning”… but Why not?! Shouldn’t that be the goal?

If I want to achieve that every time, would that make me crazy?

Then call me crazy because I wanna make you think, feel, care, hope and dream.

If I can do that…

then… I’ll do that….


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